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Who we are

An integrated branding consultancy that focuses on lifestyle.

We offer 360-degree offerings to assist our clients to grow their business with services including brand creation, visual design, communication, retail, and F&B management.

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Gupta Sitorus


Graduated from university in 2001, Gupta started his career as a marketing advisor in a private holding company. His career in journalism began in 2004 when he was Managing Editor for an English-language business magazine. Parallel to this, Gupta also ventured to the profession of communication consultant at some prominent PR agencies, one of them is Edelman, the largest PR agency in Indonesia.


Despite continuing to be in the corporate world, Gupta still took the time to work on a number of projects in the areas of his passion, including F & B and design.

In 2014 Gupta and his partner Primo set up an artisan ice cream company, Eskimomo, which produces ice creams with unique flavors that have stolen the attention of the international world. In 2017, Gupta is also entrusted with the position of Chief Editor for Kenduri Magazine, the official publications of the Indonesian Gastronomy Academy which is distributed to 40 countries. Gupta and Primo currently also run a publishing house that publishes books on topics related to creative industries, including We Indonesian Rule, Made in Jakarta, and Brand Cookbook.

Cramped between his busy schedule, Gupta makes sure he have time to contribute as an Advisor for several government agencies,  public speaker and columnist for a number of media publications.

Primo Rizky.jpg

Primo Rizky


Primo Rizky has developed a big passion for marketing, branding, advertising, and design. He combined his passion along with big willingness to be the real deal in the branding industry.

Primo continued his career with DM-ID, a global branding consultancy firm as Senior Brand Consultant, where he was responsible for identifying and analyzing clients branding issues and also to give brand recommendation for the clients based on the findings from internal and external stakeholder’s research. He has contributed in many projects with DM-ID including SWA magazine, The Jakarta Post, Bisnis Indonesia, APMF (Asia Pacific Media Forum), Bank Muamalat, Achilles Radial, Listrik Pintar for PLM, and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.

Currently Primo is the Managing Director of Studio Geometry, an independent publishing house that focuses on creative culture. During his leadership, Studio Geometry has published several books, such as Brand Cookbook, Gravitasi, and the recently-released We Indonesians Rule.

Primo is also a contributing writer for several national newspapers including The Jakarta Post, Bisnis Indonesia, and Koran Sindo.

Arimbi Nimpuno.jpg

Arimbi Nimpuno

Technical Advisor

As a celebrity chef who is well known for her popular cooking show on the Asia Food Channel, Chef Arimbi is also known for her private dining and cooking classes at Tree Food Concept, which caters to a high-end clientele. Growing up, her focus was an art and she pursued her dream by studying art. She studied in both the United States and England. After her studies, she took up different jobs, including as a freelance lifestyle writer for several magazines - a job that brought her attention back to food. She started learning more about food to boost her cooking skills, taking part in various chefs who were happy to share their knowledge. Arimbi also found that in addition to Jakarta, Ubud in Bali was among the places that allowed her to delve deeper into the cooking scene while expanding her network to include international chefs who chose to work in Indonesia.

Her professional experience includes Ranch Market Group and many endorsements with international and local brands such as Phillips, SKII, Greenfield, Maybank, Citigroup, UBS, Bimoli, Mie Mewah, Twinnings Tea, Teka, Jakarta Tourism Board, etc.

She pursued her love of art through her Art History degree and her writings have been featured in Prestige Indonesia, Bazaar Indonesia, Martha Stewart Living Indonesia, Marie Claire Indonesia, and Majalah Clara.

Kevindra Soemantri.jpg

Kevindra Soemantri

Technical Advisor

Kevindra Prianto Soemantri or known as Kevindra is Jakarta, Indonesia-based food writer, culinary author, and restaurant observer. He has written about food and restaurant for many major publications such as The Jakarta Post, Marriot Traveller, Esquire, Herworld, Femina (Indonesia's biggest female magazine), Clara Indonesia, DestinAsia, and (an online version of Indonesia's biggest newspaper company).

He is the author of three culinary books and an acclaimed food guide to Jakarta, "Top Tables: A Food Traveler's Companion" which also supported by Jakarta Tourism Board.

On his early career, Kevindra was the youngest Masterchef finalist in Asia. In 2017, he also hosted Iron Chef Indonesia, ana award-winning professional chef took-off show from Food Network America.

In 2019, he served as a contributor in one of NETFLIX's award-winning food documentary as the country expert. He is currently working at Traveloka, Southeast Asia's largest technology company emphasizing on travel and discovery as the culinary editorial lead.

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